Eye Exam Prescription Eyeglasses Help (Chicago)

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Nov 28, 2008
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I'am in need of an Eye Exam and a pair of Prescription Eyeglasses . I'am willing to Barter these items for this service (I have no money).I know this is most likley not the place for this , but I have no other options.I'am in Chicago Il 60608.

Canon Power Shot A640 Digital Camera w/ Video

Sandisk SDDR89 12 in 1 Memory Card Reader/Writer

Monster Cassette I-Pod Adapter (Unopened)

2 Kenneth Cole Reaction Brown Leather Wallets (Never Used)both in Original Cases

80 USA store bought DVD's , all original copies.All come with Original case with artwork.

21 Grams (WS)
Gangs of New York (WS) 2 Disc
Goodfellas (WS) 2 Disc Special Edition
Millers Crossing (WS)
Carlito’s Way (WS) Ultimate Edition
Road To Perdition (WS)
Casino (WS) Special Edition
25th Hour (WS)
Monument Ave. (WS)
The Untouchables (WS) 1987

Traffic (WS)
Sin City (WS)
In America (WS)
Million Dollar Baby (FS) 2 Disc
Out of Time (WS) Special Edition
Leaving Las Vegas (WS)
The Interpreter (WS)
Sleepers (WS)
Training Day (WS)
Oceans Eleven (WS)
Oceans Twelve (WS)

Hollywood Homicide (WS)
Raging Bull (WS)
Dark Blue (WS) Special Edition
Platoon (WS) Special Edition
Mr Mrs Smith (WS)
Cast Away (WS)
Knockaround Guys (WS)
After The Sunset (FS)
The Recruit (WS)
Runaway Jury (FS)

Alexander (FS) Directors Cut
Kingdom of Heaven (FS)
Open Range (WS)
Rocky (WS) 1976
Ultraviolet (WS) PG-13 Theatrical Cut
Men of Honor (WS) Special Edition
Batman Begins (WS)
Dawn of the Dead (WS) Unrated Directors Cut 2004
War of the Worlds (WS)
Land of the Dead (WS) Unrated Directors Cut
The Day After Tomorrow (FS)
Sleepy Hollow (WS)
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (WS)
House of 1000 Corpses (WS)
Stigmata (WS)
Constatine (WS)
White Noise (FS)
Thirteen Ghosts (WS)
Minority Report (WS)
The Sixth Sense (WS) Collectors Edition
The Cell (WS) Sticker on Cover
Twisted (WS) Special Collectors Edition
Pirates of the Caribbean (curse of the black pearl) (WS) 2 Disc
Star Wars III (revenge of the sith) (WS) 2 Disc

Anchorman (WS) Unrated Uncut and Uncalled For
Starsky & Hutch (FS)
Along Came Polly (WS)
Be Cool (FS)
Old School (WS) Unrated and Out of Control
Meet the Parents (WS) Bonus Edition
Theres Something About Mary (WS)
Hitch (FS)
The Longest Yard (WS) Collectors Edition
Stuck on You (WS)
Fever Pitch (FS)
Heartbreakers (WS) Special Edition
Dodgeball (WS)
Kicking & Screaming (WS)
Sahara (WS)
Man of the House (WS)
Christmas With the Kranks (WS)
Tommy Boy (WS)
Planes Trains Automobiles (WS)

XXX (WS) Special Edition
XXX State of the Union (WS) Special Edition
King of New York (WS) Special Edition
Stand By Me (WS) Special Edition
Reality Bites (WS) 10TH Anniversary Edition

Thank You, John


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Sep 29, 2005
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Quite the DVD collection for someone with no money. Maybe you should get your priorities straightened out.


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Aug 9, 2007
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This may be a stupid question... but is this legal?


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