facebook group for UTDB 2013 is up: UTHSC-Houston Dental Branch Class of 2013


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Jun 5, 2008
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Nice, you should prolly get a picture up. I'm gonna visit Baylor and the Dental Branch over winter break then make my final decision. Leaning towards H-town though, so I'll prolly join in the next couple weeks.

If you dont mind, why did you choose houston?


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Jul 24, 2008
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few reasons that I could come up with on top of my head:

1. Just like the email said "welcome to the UTDB family", and thats the first thing i felt when i was there.
2. Located in the largest medical center in the US (might be one of the largest in the world who knows), which means endless opportunities for us as health care practitioners.
3. Brand new school for us in 2011 (as projected)
4. And I simply love Houston!!!
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