Dec 18, 2013
I'm a second year student going into my fourth semester in college right now. I got all A's and 1 C (general chemistry I) my first semester.
My second semester I got 1 B, all A's, and I failed (got an E) in my general chemistry II class. I didn't know/forgot about drop so I'm stuck with the failing grade on my gpa.
My third semester I got 2 A's and 3 B's. Right now my GPA is I believe 3.27.
If I get all A's next semester my GPA will go to a 3.45. I retook my failed chemistry class and got a A- so my pre-reqs are still in good grades (except for the 1 C).

I recently decided I wanted to go to dental and become a dentist this semester and now that I'm researching more about the profession and joining associations/clubs/societies I realize that this is something I really want to pursue. Do you think if I keep getting A's for the rest of my semesters I would have a shot at getting accepted into dental school? After realizing my college doesn't have grade forgiveness so the failed grade counts towards my GPA my spirits are kind of dejected but I still really want to become a dentist. I go to UF by the way.

I'm really determined now to get all A's my junior year to raise my GPA now that I know how to study for exams. I also have a legitimate excuse during my first school year why my grades weren't up to par (family problems...what else?) but I also take the majority of the blame because I never learned how to properly study for exams which now I can say know how to!


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Apr 12, 2011
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I began college with two F's because I forgot to drop the class(school autoenrolls classes for freshmans) but I aced the rest of undergrad and ended with a 3.73. I got 6 interview invites attended 5 and got two offers. I also didn't retake the F's so you should be fine
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