Failed Military/Civilian EXPERIMENT


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May 21, 2005
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    Over the past several years, the military has begun to use civilian employess to do jobs that used to be done 100% by military personnel, that includes family physicians working on the base. It also includes positions overseas such as gate guards etc....

    This idea has failed in our FP clinics. 90% of the civilian docs hired quit, many within months of starting, leaving the remaining military docs to take care of the thousands of patients the USAF enrolled to those civilian docs. Why would they leave? Better question is why would they stay. I know that all of the military docs would have left if we had the chance. It is usually at about the 3-6 month point when a doc realizes just how bad the system is, and how little influence you have to improve it.

    As to the gate guard job mentioned above....imagine you are that E-3 gate guard making 20K a year and across the street is a civilian hired to do the same job as you, at the same place and time, making 70K per year.

    Update on my last base. The last group of civilian docs hired, about 3-6 months ago, are planning to quit, as soon as they have another job lined up.

    Good news: I spoke to a military doc there (my last base), and although things suck, they are better now that manning has increased from 20% to 70%+ That doc (10+ years active duty) is still getting out asap (DOS).

    How long that (manning better) will last, who knows, but it appears MAJCOM has seen the light. at least for awhile. Also, the nurse running the show is new, and apparently much more proficient than her predicessors, and things are running more smoothly.
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