Feb 1, 2019
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Please read this before continuing: Before you jump to conclusions thinking or assuming I didn’t study enough, it’s honestly much more than that and I am seeking help on other resources outside of the ones available to me locally and also provided by third party services. I'm at the breaking point that this has continuously negatively impacted me and rather than just give up, I still want to work even more harder to overcome issues I may not be aware about.

I truly believe I made good preparation for these exams, but it has been upsetting and harsh on me after getting constant fail notifications and sadly it gives the "impression" that I didn't try hard enough. I am going to expect responses such as "well you didn't try hard enough" and I personally will not find that helpful irregardless of the intent. The fact I'm coming here on an anonymous forum seeking help shows how much I care about wanting to pass.

If you are also not an advocate or personally acknowledge the importance of mental/behavioral health too, then this post will not benefit both of us, and I hope you respect that on a professional level to not discourage or create intent to discourage asking for help. What’s scary is that this is not the best outlook for finding advice and obviously if I experience some “harassment” or triggers for suicidal ideation, I will go seek a healthcare professional and this type of behavior is not acceptable.

I have taken my NAPLEX and passed with flying colors (honestly I expected to barely pass with my horrible academic career) and that was a bigger concern to me more than the MPJE back to when I took it months ago.....

However, one thing that has frustrated me the most and unfortunately due to the nature of how NABP's exams are structured and the strict policies and terms about their exam information, I’m at a standstill at what is going wrong as I have taken already THREE attempts at one of my state’s MPJE and about to take my SECOND attempt at another state’s.

That is already 3 months of not being able to find not ONLY a pharmacist job, but a technician job as a graduate intern, which has put a huge financial burden and also a mental burden on my half.

I have utilized many “legal” and very useful resources that ensure I follow testing policies and these are what I used:
  • MPJE Bulletin and Competency Statements
  • Pharmacy Practice and the Law 8th Edition
  • State Board of Pharmacy Statute and Regulations
  • State Board of Pharmacy FAQs and Additional Documents
  • Pharmacists’ DEA Manual
  • Federal Code of Regulations
  • My AMAZING Law professor’s lecture and documents (still out of date but helpful tool).
I have worked very hard preparing for this exam in longer time periods of time, fixed my stress relief and time management, and also overcame my testing anxiety. I’m also still fighting issues of “no motivation” for periods of time, and that’s another thing that I’ve been aware is detrimental to preparing for my exam. I’ve had many horrible events and circumstances appear on me this past year and at the same time, not only has it deterred my ability to focus on these exams, it made me make it my priority to fix before I get into the mentality to focus on them. I have prepared so hard, yet for some odd reason it feels like it’s not enough and I get told I didn't try hard enough. I came into the exams all confident, left the exams also with confidence that I have reviewed and to the best extent remembered what I studied and it correlated with the questions I got. I feel like I’m very competent of the law that harming a patient is nothing I want to occur in the future.

Sadly, what’s frustrating is that I’m just not passing by like 2-3 points. And it’s frustrating to me knowing which questions I missed and how the scaled system works in adjusting those questions, I won’t know AT ALL cuz of this privacy policy nor do I have ANY DESIRE to spend effort understanding their scoring system. Based on that, it’s happened FOUR TIMES now and I'm on the verge of just giving up on trying to continue wasting my time on examinations that are preventing me for performing a career I passionately care about.

I have literally spent three times as much as the NAPLEX now and it’s not even my money anymore. Not only that, I’m already going through personal work-related issues and financial grievances that’s slowly ruining my life and future career. If someone is willing to give me some sound advice or resources to better prepare me that would be wonderful.
I hope someone out there is still a genuine person and able to help me out other than my close friends and therapist.

I just honestly want to overcome this hurdle, and I hope asking here will help me.

Thank you,
Hopeful Future Practicing Pharmacist.
Aug 21, 2019
  1. Pharmacist
Keep your head up! You're too far in the journey to give up now.

I used the RxTest Bank, read the BOP FAQs, and study guides provided by colleagues and was able to pass in NC and MD.
I'm having to retake in IA (missed by 1 point!) and am taking time to read the laws and looking into additional resources. I haven't bought it yet but the free sample questions are styled very similar to the actual MPJE.

what i've realized moving from state to state, the more you've practiced pharmacy in one area (even as an intern), it's hard to learn different laws, particularly the nuances, as you have a tendency to practice a certain way. Also, I've realized that you can't think like a pharmacist on the MPJE. More then likely, a lawyer wrote the questions. Therefore, they'll be reading the law as black and white, not so much thinking about the nuances and grey areas we deal with at the pharmacy.

I hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing about your success! :D
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