Failed Step 3 many times, now out of attempts, any advice?


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Aug 13, 2013
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    Hi all, as the title of the thread says, this is the worst feeling in my life so far.
    I was a resident in my final year in Preventive Medicine, I have attempted to take this cursed exam before I started my residency and failed it, now my attempt number reached 4 failed ones (last one was 196) which I didn't know they lowered it from 6 to 4 until I tried to register for another one. I tried calling the USMLE and NBME and FSMB, basically they all said tough luck, nothing they can do. I was months away from my graduation and now I am out.
    I can really use any ideas or feedback, of course on my final attempt I studied Uwourld entirely, plus FA step 3 and 2, also did some UWorld step 2 Qbanks. and did a month in an online course for step 3.
    I know I am not that dumb but the level of stress and frustration I am in now is indescribable. looking for ideas where to go from here and what to do.
    I kinda know I am F**ked but trying to get my thoughts together.
    thank you all.

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