Dec 20, 2009
Hi guys,

So I'm pretty bummed today... this morning was my last final, but due to EXTREMELY urgent circumstances I was not able to make the final (I came about an hour late but everyone was gone).. and my professor will not allow me to make it up. So ultimately, I'm going to fail the class (nonscience class).

I know there are other threads about this, but I was wondering how this would affect my application. I applied this year but not really receiving any interviews (i just applied to TMDSAS and a few DO). I'll be reapplying next summer, so would me being a reapplicant AND having an "F" on my transcript look extra bad? I'll be retaking the class of course.

My current GPA is a 3.57 and 28S MCAT... after this semester it'll probably drop to about a 3.38, but next semester if I work extremeley hard it'll bump up to a 3.60 (after I retake the class).

Thanks for any help ya'll can give.


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Jan 1, 2007
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Doesn't look good. Did you email the prof when you knew you'd miss? Finals are kind of a big deal to just miss unless you had a personal medical emergency or a family member did. You'll probably be asked to explain yourself at any interviews next yr and/or have to explain what happened to any school that does accept you this cycle.

This may limit your chances at MD schools, although the <3.6 may have already done that to a degree anyway. DO schools will allow you to replace your F if you retake the class so that's a great option. (MD schools not so much.)
Dec 20, 2009
Well the final ended at 1:30 today, and I got to campus at 1:10ish... ran to class, but nobody was there.

I emailed him right afterwards. All his email said was "sorry to hear about that", so I replied asking if I can take the final at a later date... and I haven't gotten word back from him as of yet. So I guess I exaggerated when I said I failed it... but, if he doesn't let me, then I will.

Hmm... I'll update the thread when I get a response from him, but thanks for your reply! Cross your fingers that I can still take the final! :xf:

Oh, and yes it was an emergency. My neighbor got in a car accident this morning (she's new into town so we're the only people she knows). She gave me a call so I went to help her out knowing that I could get back to campus in time. But on my way to school there was another car accident blocking the exit ramp. I waited in traffic for an HOUR. ayee...


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Oct 26, 2010
Your professor sounds messed up..
I'd be so pissed if i were you..oh man..

Well hopefully you have the chance to take it or that would def hurt you.