Failure secondary essay topic - relationship?

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Jul 8, 2016
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Is this a good topic for the failure essay?

1. A failed relationship:
- I became complacent, stopped putting in effort because I was busy
- I ended up hurting my SO at the time emotionally
- what I learned: I became less selfish, and started thinking about others needs before my own

Or are relationships a taboo topic for secondaries given im 21 years old and the people reading them may laugh and say I'm too young to know anything about this?

2. A second option would be lifting in the gym
- I get dissappointed when I just give up, and I've given up multiple times during a lift not because strength was an issue but because mentally I was not prepared for the lift and I just dumped the bar - I consider this a failure, but I don't know if it would be too trite to write about
- what I learned: eventually plateaus are overcome with time and effort, proper programming, and most importantly determination

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Actually, if you do it right, I think the one on lifting might work. I would avoid relationships though. The lifting one sounds like you will be able to talk about it easily. If you try to stretch something else into a challenge that really wasn't, it's usually pretty obvious and it will sound forced/unnatural. This is what I found with my own essays anyway.