Family Friendly Med Schools


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Dec 1, 2004
    My partner just started at UCSD, and there was some question about the possibility of us starting a family over the next four years. He found out that historicaly UCSD has been willing to let students take a year off or work around a flexible schedule for family reasons.

    Good luck!



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    Apr 15, 2004
      I have also heard awesome things about Davis for this... they have nice family housing facilities and see, to cater to the family atmosphere. my husband looked at the med school and is interested in their residency programs now.

      Also, UCLA has a nice family housing community- nice looking apartments and very affordable. I'm not sure about the progam itself being "family friendly" but they seem to have a nice support for married students/single parents.

      UCSF also has a family housing community- very large. this is helpful since the housing market there is quite expensive. Again, I don't know much more beyond the fact that they have very modern, clean looking housing available to married students or parents.
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