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Oct 14, 2008
Knoxville, TN
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Hey everyone! Love this corner of SDN. I was wondering if anyone could provide any information about practicing family medicine in Tennessee. I am from Nashville but have been gone since college. I am looking to move back after residency (and considering possibilities for residency in the area). I would love to know about salaries (and please specify in patient vs outpatient vs medical director/SNF/hospice), lifestyles, job market, career planning advice and anything else I am missing. Ideally I am looking to have a group practice that is outpatient and I would like to do a fair amount of GYN but probably not obstetrics and I would do a little pediatrics. I am also working on my MPH so I plan on using that in some capacity like working with non profits like planned parenthood. Any advice would be great and since I know it's a hot topic with the election and all--if you have negative feelings about planned parenthood I certainly respect your opinions but conversion is not the goal of this particular post. Let's keep it as upbeat as possible haha ;). Thank you!!!!!
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