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Jul 8, 2016
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I am currently doing a search on family medicine residency programs and wanted some help on ones that had a good training in OMM as well. I've looked at the ones on the AAO website that list the integrated FM/NMM programs as well as the ones with a NMM +1 fellowship. I wanted to expand my search if there are any family medicine programs that have an OMM clinic that residents can rotate at to expand their knowledge and experience in OMM that are not currently on the AAO list with an official NMM fellowship. My search is limited to the warmer climates without much snow.
Also, are there any family medicine residency programs with availablity for training in integrative medicine or functional medicine?
Thank you for your help in this search.


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    Mar 13, 2012
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    Use the AOA opportunities website to search for FM residencies. Basically all AOA FM residencies have an OMT component (technically they are FM and OMT residencies). NMM only is more for if you want to do the 1+2 option (internship + 2 NMM years) to primarily focus on OMT. As you said there are some that are +1 NMM built into an FM residency, but there are very few of those. You'd be better off doing FM and then if you felt you needed it, doing a +1 NMM program, that is of course unless you only want to do NMM.

    There are 254 FM and OMT programs listed on the AOA opportunities website. All will have an OMT training component as required by the AOA, but the degree really varies. You can check their websites to see what training entails, but as far as I've seen many programs have a designated OMT clinic. Some leave it up to the resident to decide how involved they want to be in it.