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Family Practive elective? Required from FMGs? Which states? CT. NJ?


Twisted Miler
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 23, 2002
Up North

    As a future FP I'm wondering what country wouldn't have family medicine as a mandatory rotation? For us it's one of our last rotations (in our 7th year). I think it's a good way to tie it all together.

    If you don't have the rotation as part of your degree you would be wise to set one up in the US so you could get some US exposure at the same time.

    I wrote an e-mail to this program I'm considering applying to (years from now). Their web site stated that they would only interview candidates with US experience in FP. Well, the coordinator worte back in this we-really-wnat-you kind of way saying that they would make an exception in my special case. And there's really nothing special about my case except for maybe a good school and a strong step 1. Don't believe all those requirements; ask about how absolute they are.

    If it's a requirement on a state level that I just don't know about, excuse my ignorance. I just hope that doesn't apply to "my" states.

    Oh yeah, and good luck.
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