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Jan 13, 2002
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I set up a free fantasy football league for fun. PLEASE PLAY with fellow SDNer's. Directions follow below:

To accept this invitation and join
the league, click the link below (or cut and paste the link
into your browser's address field):


You'll be taken to a page with information about Fantasy
Football. You can sign up and join the league from that

NOTE: Once you get to the Join League Page, you will be asked to
enter a password. The password for this league is:


Before you join the league, you'll see whether you'll draft
your team on-line or let NFL draft for you,
using player "rank lists" that you can organize in advance.

Keep in mind that each NFL Fantasy Football
league is limited to 12 members, so it's possible the league
could be full before you have a chance to join. If that
happens, or if you're interested in a different type of
league than the one you've been invited to join, you can
easily scan other open leagues or even create a new league!

You'll enjoy the convenience of a private web site which
stores all your team's data and updates the statistics and
standings daily. You can customize the "League Home" page to
display all the information you need in the way that works
best for you.

You can also set up your team's site to send you e-mail
reports every morning, with updated league standings, news
about your players, and much more. Your site can even
notify you, via wireless text messaging, of breaking
league news.

What better way to usher in another football season than to
live out the ultimate football fantasy - running your own

We hope you enjoy NFL Fantasy Football. Have a
great season.

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