Favorite science / medical word

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though my favorite math word/name is Cauchy. It makes such a good adjective...

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it just rolls right off the tounge!
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And the concept of a fully mature tiny person piloting a sperm cell.
proprioreceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching
Plutonium. It's just fun to say. How's your plutonium today? Good, thank you!
Of those mentioned, I like zwitterion, fugacity, and moiety.


putative (supposed)
nascent (newly formed)
purpura (extravasation of blood)
kludge (from computer science-an effective yet awkward and/or inefficient solution to a problem)
varix (a dilated vein)
paroxysm (a sudden outburst or increase in intensity)
Other cool words:

glycyls, rhythms (the longest words in the english language with no standard vowels).

uncopyrightable (the longest word in the english language with no repeated letters).

AEINRST (the combination of seven letters with the most one word anagrams: anestri, asterin, eranist, nastier, ratines, resiant, restain, retains, retinas, retsina, sainter, stainer, starnie, stearin).

Incredible 15 letter anagrams:

nonuniversalist = involuntariness
refragmentation = antiferromagnet
megachiropteran = cinematographer

Spoonfeed (the longest word with the letters arranged in reverse alphabetical order).

Hydroxyzine (the only english word with "XYZ")

Scraunched (longest one-syllable word)

ZOONOSIS (longest word with 180 degree rotational symmetry)

(source = http://www.rinkworks.com/words/oddities.shtml and others)