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Feb 17, 2002
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Hey everyone,

(I've already posted this on the pre-osteopathic forum...). I'm very interested in UNECOM, and by the time I will be going to med school, my husband will be going for a post-doc position. A potential post-doc place for him is Harvard, and I'm wondering about the feasibility of commuting from Biddeford to Boston, and does anyone on this forum do this?? (Or is it totally crazy??)

**disclaimer**--I am not assuming that I'll get into UNECOM, I'm just trying to imagine the wonderful possiblity!!**

Any other suggestions??


Diane L. Evans

I think you could stay at UNECOM for 5 days and commute home on weekends. Rent is less expensive. It is only 2 years of coursework you can try to get rotations in Boston I'm not sure of UNECOMs rotation schedule.
Good Luck Diane

Doc Oc

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Nov 1, 2000
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There are no rotations in Boston thru UNECOM during 3rd year, although you can try to set up your 4th year at any hospital if there are spots. UNECOM's rotation sites for your core rotations for 3rd year are:
Mass: Berkshires area, not sure exactly where
RI: Providence and Warwick
ME: All over (Biddeford, Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, & other places)
PA: Yes, Pennsylvania. Reading, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley
NJ: Newark
NY: Leatherstocking region
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Oct 29, 2001
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i am a 3rd year student at unecom and my partner and i were living in boston. lots of my classmates were in a similar situation. it is really too far to commute boston-biddeford every day. although the school website says it is 90 miles it is closer to 100 and the website doesn't really take into account boston traffic (believe me - you aren't ever traveling against rush hour!).

there are a couple of options - the rent is so cheap in biddeford that you can often afford to have a place there and go home on the weekends or have him/her come to you. another option (that i chose) was to live in between. we also had a guy who lived in newburyport (he had the longest commute) and would often stay with friends during the week. i hope that helps. i am now doing rotations in providence and would love to talk to you about how you can make it work.

good luck!
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