May 7, 2015
Hi everyone. I have a weird situation. Basically I got into the biomed program and am taking Calculus and retaking Biology 1 (because it was one of the few Cs I've gotten). Both of these classes are prerequisites for the biomed program I got into. In addition I'm also about to receive my loan money and aide. The problem is two-fold. Since I took Trig and Precal a long time ago I forgot most of it and am lagging behind (some personal things happened in my life as well). To make matters worse I got a very hard Calculus teacher that can't speak proper English. I always go by however going into the biomed program was a last minute decision and one of the few good calc teachers that was at the school got snapped up quick.

So fast forward to today...I have a test in a few days and I don't know the material well. I know I don't have enough time to do well. Also I've been considering going into Computer Science. Some of the prereqs overlap with Computer Science and the college I'm at allows me to take one class at a time in the biomed question is would I be able to take one class towards the biomed program like Physics and Calculus 2 towards Computer Science but stay in the biomed program and get loan money?

I know for loan money you need at least 6 credit hours and be degree seeking but what if 3 of those credits are not going towards the degree I'm in? Will they still give me loan and aide?

Sorry if this is hard to read. I'm a mess right now with no sleep and don't know what to do =/

On the verge of withdrawing but then I owe $899 that the financial aide paid for. and dont receive any loan money...not to mention probably being kicked out of the biomed program (which probably isnt that bad because now I'm considering PTA or computer science)... I made a quick decision and jumped into this biomed I'm paying the price. Anyways if I don't withdraw I may ruin my GPA(3.75) with this horrible teacher.

Btw if I decide to go towards the Computer Science program then the biology 1 class I'm taking now is worthless since I have a C and the college with the CS program only requires a C or better. I was only retaking Biology 1 because at the time I had planned to go to grad school but now at 32 years old I'm just thinking it isn't worth it. I need to get something under my belt which is why I've been considering PTA which I have all the prerequisites for.

This is another problem. If I don't withdraw from these classes I may do bad and will mess up my GPA for PTA school. I know the withdraws won't look good but its probably better than Cs or Ds...
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