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Jul 30, 2002
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I am considering a program that after dental school involves going to med school for 2-3 yrs as part of a residency. My question is this; Dental school will be around 25K/yr at the institution I am considering. Med school, although part of a residency, is often not stipened w/resident salary for these programs. This will be another 25-30K/yr as I see it. So around 100K for dental and 50-75K for med + undergrad loans. I have heard that fed laons (stafford) cap out at 140K lifetime, so how is it possible to go this route and not dip into private loans, which I want to avoid.


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Jan 18, 2001
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I don't think there are aggregate limits for the Stafford loan so you can borrow the limits for each program. The cap for indepedent undergraduates is $46,000. The cap for a graduate/professional degree (AKA dentistry) is $138,500. The cap for an allopathic/ostepathic degree is $189,125.


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Aug 30, 2001
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I assume you're talking about OMFS? From my understanding, most of the programs pay you as a resident for a year or two before you have to pay again for med school. And after those 2 years you get paid again. Anyways, you could pay down some of your debt while in the first residency cycle. Who knows, you might also be allowed to defer while you continue training. And as for aggregate loan limits, Dentistry is up in the $180,000 cap range, not the $140000 so provided you dont' go overboard during dental school (ie any school costing upwards of 200G) you should be ok to get the required loan money. I'd actually contact OMFS programs and just ask them what they have their residents do.
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