Nov 2, 2014
Hello everyone I am taking MCAT next year so want to enroll in a MCAT course beforehand. Anyone took the Kaplan course for the new MCAT? What did you think? Do you recommend anything else other than Kaplan? I live in New York City btw. Thanks a bunch.


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Jun 27, 2015
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Kaplan is an ok course. I like their 7 books content review material and their extra media (videos, extra books where you have all formulas separately for each section). Their FL's are harder than real thing and that IMHO is a better approach which will make your real test seem easier (unlike some other courses where you get easier FL's but then you are struck with difficulty on real thing). However, their in-person classes are waste of time - at least for me. Just take online classes and work you way through content material and then follow their FL's - they do a good job of directing you along the way.