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Mar 17, 2000
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Hi, I am not taking the Step 1 until probably August, but I am still feeling overwhelmed by the material to cover. OK, I know to stick to First Aid definitely and do lots of questions (Q bank, Q book, etc.), but I feel as if I am missing something still. I am reading BRS Pathology and plan to also read the high yield Beh. Sci. Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed/anxious about this? Maybe, it will be better once I have the whole day free to study (instead of being at the hospital all day and then studying at night).
Also, did anyone improve their score on Q Bank by 15-20%? I am scoring around 50% right now, and I definitely need to improve that by at least 15-20%. Anyone else taking it in August???
Good luck! Thanks to everyone for their good advice!


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Jul 22, 2001
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When I took step 1 of USMLE and COMLEX 1, I had only 1 day off between the two exams. Three days of exam sucked royally. Stress and trepidation are part of the process. I know that doesnt help much, but in the end youll look back and say that it really wasnt an bad as it seemed. Get plenty of exercise and sleep. Do something totally unrelated at least once a day and do everything to worry about it as little as possible.


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May 30, 2002
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I know kow you feel. I take it Wednesday. Listen to this. I had an average in the mid 70's on Qbank..... the past couple of days I have been getting in the low-mid 60's!!!!!!!!!!! :confused:
Hopefully the 85% I got on the USMLE CD that was sent out w/the app will be closer than the low-mid 60's of recent on Q-bank!!!


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Jul 31, 2000
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Don't worry, everyone feels overwhelmed in the beginning. In a couple of weeks, you will be in your "studying groove" and probably at peak productivity, and then a few days before the test you will just be tired of studying. Just keep on looking forward to the finish line!
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