Feeling pretty discouraged after taking 7th practice exam, need tips!

Sep 3, 2015
Recently I just took my 7th Kaplan practice exam and I got a 495. My last 3 scores have been 501,496, and 500. With only 3 more weeks until my actual test date, I feel like I'm studying for this exam wrong and I need to change something to score at least a 507 before my real test. In the past 2 months I have finished reviewing all the material from Kaplan and I feel like I know pretty much all of the material pretty well. In the past week my study schedule has been Wed: Practice test, Thursday-Friday: review material. Sunday-Tuesday: do Random Quizbank questions for 3 hours and then review over most missed material. All the questions I have been getting wrong were just me not knowing how to apply the material I reviewed in a problem format. Thus I feel like the more problems I do, I'll be able to achieve a higher score. However, I'm not sure if this is the right approach anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions to change my schedule for the next 3 weeks?
Aug 28, 2015
I agree ^^ Kaplan tests make it super hard to do well, and their scores aren't exactly on point. Try taking an AAMC FL and see where you stand, I hear its more representative of the actual MCAT.
Also, the more problems you do, the better you will get. My test is on sept 12th...and I've been on the same boat as you. But what I've been doing now is reviewing EVERY question I got wrong, and asking myself why I got it wrong, and also reviewing what I got right-because sometimes remembering the pattern of thinking you used to get a correct answer will come in handy should a similar question appear on the actual MCAT. Also, sometimes one gets answers right by fluke, so you don't wanna miss out on what you can learn from every question.
I would also go back to the Kaplan books and review concepts again, this time as the question you got wrong asked it. A more solidified understanding of concepts can go a long way.

You have three weeks, so I have no doubt you're performance will improve..but don't let the Kaplan tests discourage you-I hear most people don't budge from an average, I myself never got higher than a 501. And even if you get an average score on your actual MCAT, at least you'd have tried your best
Apr 19, 2015
As stated before, it seems that people that made around 500 on the Kaplan FLs ended up making more than ~512 on the MCAT.