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Fellowship Sfmatch, Can I use the medical school transcript from my residency CAS?


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Nov 6, 2013
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I am wondering if I can use my official but incomplete (by one semester) medical school transcript that I used on residency CAS for the SFmatch for fellowship applications or if I have to get a new complete medical school transcript. The main reason for using my old one would be timing since my application is otherwise complete at this time and I don't want to wait another week or two to receive an official transcript. I also don't know how COVID is going to affect my medical schools registrar office availability.

salami bahama

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Oct 26, 2015
I logged into SF match to check, and I did not see a requirement to upload a medical school transcripts for fellowship (which is different from residency). The main elements of the fellowship application included the centralized application (similar, but slightly different from residency) and having three letters of rec uploaded to SF match. A few individual programs may request additional things such as a medical school or undergraduate transcript, but usually an unofficial pdf copy will suffice.
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