Few questions about application cycle

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Feb 17, 2017
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I took a week long vacation while I was applying. It was towards the end of July, but I went down the shore and worked on my secondaries after a day on the beach. Your best bet would be towards the end of June. Submit your app at the beginning of June, then go on vacation after that but before you start receiving secondaries. Alternatively, pre-write secondaries.

But you're worrying too much. You can go on vacation over the summer and get into med school. It'll be fine whenever your family decides to take it.
Hi all!
I'm applying next cycle but I had a couple of questions!
1) My family wants to take a trip before my sibling heads off to college and I was wondering what the best time would be to take a 8-10 day vacation from June-August? I am hoping to submit my AMCAS once my grad credits come in the last week of June and ACCOMAS (DO) sometime in mid May. I know that it is not ideal to take a vacation, but I really have no choice.

2) I am currently reflecting on my experiences and a few summers in college I taught a class at my home for the family members/neighbors/elderly trying to help them pass the citizenship test. They weren't native English speakers and they wanted a native speaker to help them learn english/help them learn the material from the citizenship test. The class was at my home, I did not charge any money or anything, and I created exercises for them to do for "HW" and for class we did group discussions. I merely did it because i thought it would be fun lol I thought it was an extremely rewarding experience but I wanted to make sure this is ethical and not something that will be looked down upon. Can I write about this experience in my application? Also who would I list for the contact info, it was at my house and my mother spread the word of the class by mouth to friends/family.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
You're supposed to do nice things for your family. Play up the elderly and the neighbors.