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Feb 4, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
I just applied to dental school but having second thoughts about dental school. Physical therapy is probably my other option.
1) Are you ever on call? For say, after-hour emergencies? Is call passed around?
2) How avoidable is back/neck pain? Is it inevitable or will proper ergonomics prevent?
3) Is there much liability/malpractice in dentistry? Is this stressful to you?

Thanks in advance for answering
Aug 8, 2016
Dental Student
1) unless out of dental school you decide to do a GPR or AEGD at a hospital as a dental resident, or unless the clinic you work at specifically offers after-hours emergencies and you need to be on call, then no.
2) dental school will go over proper dental ergonomics. loupes are also a big help as you don't need to strain your neck and back to get a closer look. i stay active and work out + stretch and i've had little problems from sitting in the dental chair for long periods of time.
3) as long as you can properly communicate with your patients, be open and honest, manage expectations, make them feel taken care of every step of the way even if you were to screw up, and know your limitations and know when to refer, not try to cheap your patients, it shouldn't be a problem. you will learn this in dental school and when you start practicing. mishaps happen in dentistry, whether it was operator error or doomed to fail in the beginning. if things go wrong then you be honest and you manage it. luckily, most patients are not out to get you whenever the slightest thing goes wrong, they just want to feel that they are being taken care of.