Filling out aacomas, how many schools?

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Jun 7, 2004
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Hey guys, Just started filling out aacomas yesterday. I was wondering on how many schools to apply to? location really isnt too much of a factor I actually want to get away from socal for a while.

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you should try to make a list of things that may be important to you. This will help narrow things down. Try to visit some of the schools before interviewing if possible.

class size
clinical affiliations
offering of preceptorship or clinical training before 3rd year
board pass rate
distance of clerkships from med school (will you need to find housing...again!)
fellowships and residencies offered by the school
PBl vs lecture
research (clinical or lab)
match list
diversity of faculty/students
availability of fellowships
technology (STAN, lectures on mp3 or video,etc.)
mission statement of school
exam schedule
grading (pass/fail or pass/fail/honors or letter grades)
are student ranked (does school let you know ranking in percentiles or exact number)
standout faculty
stability of curriculum and amount of input students have in changing it
did you feel comfortable when visiting the school
the list can go on...