Aug 4, 2020
I am looking to join finance/investment/consulting orgs as a freshman premed. I'm interested in business/finance/management and specifically how it intersects with healthcare. Some of the clubs have a healthcare focus or a healthcare division. How would medical schools view this? Could they be valuable additions to my application if I have significant responsibility and leadership in them (many advise real companies on projects) or will they be seen as a lack of commitment to becoming a physician/having backup option? I'm thinking that my application will have a focus on healthcare mgmt and policy and I might be interested in MD/MBA. Can that a legitimate and compelling narrative?


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Do what interests you. In the end, you aren't obligated to list every activity on your application so if it later seems like it doesn't match what you want to convey to medical schools, you can omit it.
If it does match, great. Med schools will like to see that you've walked the walk and explored the area that you say you are interested in.

Also keep in mind that the majority of freshman pre-meds do not go on to medical school. Having experiences that touch on other things that you are interested in may prepare you for an alternate career if your interest in medicine wanes or reality sets in.
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