Financial Aid and MPN's

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Greetings All!

I have been accepted to one Pharmacy School but it is expensive. I have an interview this Friday at another pharmacy school. The first school starts June 9th and is requiring me to complete financial aid papers etc. My concern/question is if I fill out an MPN for the first school and get accepted to the second school and decide to go there, will my loan be able to transfer with me?

Thanks for anyone/everyone's help!

- Michael :confused:

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May 15, 2008
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Don't worry about the loans now...OK to apply for financial aid and you can always switch what school you are attending later. As far as student loans go, there is even a grace period AFTER they are disbursed (I think it's 1-2 weeks) where you can even return some or all of the money and cancel the loan without any penalties. Don't delay applying for aid because you are not sure where you want to go to school. You definitely can fill out the FAFSA now.