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Financial aid, What are you doing?

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by fmfcorpsman, Mar 8, 2000.

  1. fmfcorpsman

    fmfcorpsman Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 29, 2000
    New Berlin, WI USA
    Just wondering what DO medstudents are doing to pay for their education. I have applied to UHS and Des Moines. The tuition at UHS is 26K, which ranks second highest of the medical schools that I applied two(including MD). With the cost of education skyrocketing and society getting ever closer to nationalizing health care, I was curious as to what kind of financial assistance current medstudents are using to lessen the load. I personaly have been considering having the NHSC foot the bill but I don't know enough about the program.
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  3. doatc

    doatc Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Oct 25, 1999
    Lake Bluff, IL, USA
    Army HPSP and stafford loans.
  4. dlbruch

    dlbruch Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Sep 27, 1999
    Better hurry up if you are seriously considering NHSC- the app. deadline is March 31!
  5. Duo Degree

    Duo Degree Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 28, 2000
    Ft. Worth, TX, USA
    i seriously considered having the army pay for med school, but decided against it. luckily, my school isnt expensive either...its about 6K for just tuition. pretty nice compared to most other schools i think. by the way..i wouldnt say that "nationalizing healthcare" is on the horizon. i guess it depends on what you mean by "nationalizing" and "closer."

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