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Financial value of joining the military AFTER dental school


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May 19, 2012
  1. Dental Student
    I graduated this year and have started a 1 year AEGD. With student loans of roughly 450K$ beginning this winter, I am regretting that I did not pursue a military scholarship BEFORE dental school. No going back though. I am wondering now whether there is any reason (financially) to consider the military. From what I have read about bonuses, pay and loan reimbursement, I don't think the math works out compared to private/corporate practice but maybe there is something I'm missing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • Jan 26, 2015
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    1. Dentist
      Well, maybe if you work with the military for ten years then you may get the loans forgiven but its not for certain i think
      Don't count on PSLF. It's going to cost A LOT more than originally projected, so drastic changes will have to be made to the program. The cohort up for forgiveness working at nonprofits are already facing an uncertain future.

      New Fears For Public Service Loan Forgiveness

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      Oct 28, 2007
      1. Dentist
        I joined the Air Force well after graduation. It worked out great for me. I can say this about you question...

        Anyone joining the military strictly for $$$ reasons is a fool!
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        Apr 4, 2014
          If you haven't entered REPAYE yet, you're probably making a mistake. You've gotta mitigate the interest accrual. At $450k @ 6.5%, you are accruing about $80/day during any non-payment period.
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