Financing an RCSI / Irish medical education - from an RCSI student

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    Hi all! I am an IC3 student at RCSI (ie 2 years to go!). My parents have been financing my education since I started......but it's starting to get a bit taxing. As an international student, I pay 40,000 EUROS in fees aside from living expenses, and that is no small amount.
    I've been thinking on getting a loan and paying it back myself after I'm done with med school. I have a few questions how other people in RCSI / those who are planning to come to RCSI or any medical school in Ireland are paying for tuition...

    • Are there many students on loans? How much do you all borrow on average? How long will it take for it to be paid back and how much is the instalment you need to pay every month?
    • For RCSI students - do you guys know about the AIB-RCSI student loan, under Faculty Centre on Moodle? It says we can borrow up to a 100,000 euro at a 'low interest rate'. Are any of you on it? what do you guys think- is it a good deal? 100,000 euros is amighty lot! Are there people who even borrow that much? It might take a lifetime to pay back!
    Thanks guys and good luck for the exams!!

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