Finch/CMS Financial Aid FAQ

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Jan 29, 2002
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I called and found out good info thanks to my new best friend Jamie in the FA office ...and I called anonymously too, so I even asked about what happens if you get into your state school and need a refund

* Go ahead and sign the master promissory note no matter what, as long as you have at least one acceptance to a medical school. That is for Stafford (Federal) Loans and you will need that money. The max you can take out per year is 38,500. If you get into a cheaper school, they refund the money you don't need to borrow.

On your alternative loan application (medloan), leave the amount you want to borrow BLANK. The projected budget on that info sheet was from last year, so we ened to wait for our award packets to know how much we'll need to borrow, and they'll fill that out.....this will happen after school starts. If you make any corrections in your applications, cross it out and initial it.

For your MPN, leave the lender name and bank BLANK.

Go ahead and get all your paperwork done ahora (NOW). If you don't end up going to CMS, medloans will refund everything no questions asked. CMS' FA application stuff is due July 8th, so get it done people. It doesn't hurt to send it in now, even if you're on waitlists like me.

Tuition is due the first day of the first quarter, but you have 5 business days to pay it....so July 29th plus five.

If you have a loan from undergrad and need a deferrment, fill out the form from your loan provider and send it to the REGISTRAR's office (not the FA office). Don't worry, they won't process it until you pay tuition for Finch, but it's good to have it in there waiting for them.

I thought of taking out less than the full amount, but Jamie said it works out to be just enough money and he laughed when I told him my dad was getting cheap. The amt they propose is suficient (or maybe not enough according to FU...CMS ).....

I asked about paying by credit card and he was about to transfer me to the business office or something since he didn't know the answer, but soince I had more questions to ask him, I let that one go . TryingtobecomeMD: just call 847-578-3217 and ask them

Any more questions? I hope I explained everything clearly