finding clinical internships


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Jan 2, 2006
    i keep seeing research internships everywhere, but how do you guys find internships (at hospitals or med schools) that offers clinical exposure in addition to research? any sites/links pls. i am very interested in boston or chicago area


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    Oct 22, 2006
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      I would love to know this for the Washington DC area. What are the best places to get part-time direct patient contact and how do you set these up when you have no friends/family in the medical field?


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      Mar 24, 2007
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        your premed office should hopefully have a listing of volunteer/internship opportunities in the area, or you can always go onto the websites of various independent or university affiliated hospitals and look for volunteering opportunities. I don't know about any of the cities mentioned but these programs were very easy to find in many new york hospitals. of course, what you will be doing is shadowing or menial things. If your premed office is no help just look up all the hospitals in the area, find their websites or call, and ask about clinical exposure opportunities
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