First Time Applicant to UC Post-Bacc for Pre-med, What will my chances look like

May 11, 2012
San Jose, California
Hello SDN!

Im planning on applying to the UC post-bacc next year (namely UCI, UCSD, UCLA, UCDavis, and UCSF). I'm a chemistry major and my GPA is 3.175 exact as of right now (low due mostly to my freshman year.. I was not focused back then) but have an upward trend and will try really hard to improve it. I haven't taken the MCAT yet but am determined to do well. I have really good extra curricular activities (volunteered at Stanford Hospital and Kaiser, did an ethics in healthcare internship, did research, worked as a lab tech assistant for a professor, and am member of the California medical reserve corp for natural disasters). What do you guys think my chances are of getting into the post-bacc?

Wish you lots of luck!