First Two Years at CC, Good Idea to take Bio I/II and Chem I/II in summer at UVA?

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Jan 24, 2017
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(UVA = University of Virginia, Probably regarded as the best public state school in VA)
UVA allows visiting students in the summer sessions only. Obviously I did not have the High School grades to get into UVA as a 1st year (freshman.)

*BIO I/II in the summer is already a done deal.

Would it look bad to take half of you "main" premed classes in the summer? Consider it is so not to have to take them at the CC.

Possibly take Organic Chemistry I/II in the summer as well, and take the lab in the general school year after entering UVA as a 3rd year. (The reasoning for this is because at UVA the lab is not built in, it is a separate 3 credit hour course. It is extremely demanding by itself.) What do you guys think?

I know generally pre-studying is looked down on, but if I took Organic in the summer I would do this:
Summer Session I (Mid May - Mid June): Pre-study (skim text books to form a context, master a few main concepts, practice some of the math that I'm sure there will be.)
Summer Session II (Mid June - Mid July): Organic Chemistry I (3cr., No lab)
Summer Session III (Mid July - Mid August): Organic Chemistry II (3cr., No lab)
Fall: Organic Chemistry I Lab (3cr.) Among several other courses
Spring: Organic Chemistry II Lab (3cr.) Among several other courses

As far as the summer bio and gen.chem, I just want to make sure the rigor isn't called into question by taking them at cc.

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Are you a chemistry major? There's a 1 credit orgo lab for non-chem majors that's much more doable
Are you a chemistry major? There's a 1 credit orgo lab for non-chem majors that's much more doable

No, I was not aware of this at UVA. I do plan on minoring in chemistry though, since premed already requires chemistry and organic chemistry, and biochemistry is recommended; If you take physical chemistry you have fulfilled the chemistry minor requirements (I do like chemistry.)
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I wouldn't. The reason is that an entire semester's worth of material is going to be crammed in a significantly shorter amount of time, sometimes taught by a teach who only signed on to do it to make some extra cash for the summer (my experience with Gen Biochemistry). I'd take it in the normal school year to really get a solid understanding of the principles, which definitely helps studying for the MCAT easier.

In the end, you're paying for your education. I'd do my best to take as much out of it as your money and situation allow.
It will work... if you don't eat, sleep, or defecate.
Thanks everyone so far for your honest replies. I will say that the professors at UVA (for the classes I would be taking) in the summer are the same as in the regular semester, which surprised me. They are all doctorally prepared and have good ratings on ratemyprofessor (Good lecturers, care about the subject matter)