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Jul 20, 2016
Im interested in the Flexmed program at Mt. Sinai but im not sure my high school stats will make the cutoff, and therefore i dont know if its worth applying. HS weighted GPA was 4.13, unweighted was 3.65. ACT score was 30. My work in undergrad so far has been pretty good with a 3.9 cumulative GPA after freshman year. I also have research (2 pending publications) tons of volunteering, shadowing and leadership experience. I believe my Flexfactor will also be really strong as ive shown commitment to social justice issues on campus and across the world, working in free clinics for refugees in the middle east. But again, im just not sure if my HS gpa and ACT score will make it through the filters, as i know theyre both on the extremely low side of acceptees. Just want to know if i have a realistic shot before dropping the $200 fee!