Flight Nurses... "Angels with Stethoscopes"

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As an Emergency Medical Technician, I know the intense value of prehosptial care. I have also been involved in some trauma situations where the only way to save a patients' life is to airlift them to the closest hospital.
Everytime that silver bird sets her feet on the ground near an accident, the flight nurse goes to work. With stealth and knowledge as her backboard, she takes a life in her hand. Her evaluation is quick, her feet even quicker. She helps the injured onto the helicopter and is gone.
Of all the people who will come in contact with this patient, she probably has the least time to treat. The EMTs on scene, the Doctor's in white coats, and even the med students who look on from within....all in all, they are near this patient more, but it is the flight nurse who is the link.
Prehospital care is often the determining factor in a patients' outcome. All aspect of EMS are noble, but next time you are working in the back of an ambulance which is a little too bumpy....or inserting a chest tube with a light that is too dim....think about the flight nurse....now that's a true angel.

This post is dedicated to all EMS workers who risk their lives every day rescuing, helping, and counseling people. This post is especially for those "Angels with Stethoscopes" who risk even more to do only one thing....change someone's life.
Be careful up there.

Josh Hazelton
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University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
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