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Jun 23, 2005
Hey Guys,

I wanted to get the opinion of those who have taken the CBT MCAT in Florida. Which test center did you take it at, and how would you rate the center? How were the monitors (CRT vs. LCD), where the proctors helpful, testing center policies on breaks, etc.

Your help is much appreciated.


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Feb 9, 2007
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I took the test in Miami. The test began an hour late, mostly because the staff was anything but helpful. They arrived at the site around 7:40 when the exam was set to begin at 8 and were very unprepared.They did not really know the protocol. Hopefully this time around (after practice) they will get it right. I honestly dont remember the kind of screens ( its all a blur as u might imagine) Im pretty sure they were the old school screens. There were about 35 students sitting for the MCAT. When a break comes up you have to sign in and out ( fingerprint and signature), unfortunately this takes about 3 and a half minutes of your 10 minute break. The staff is pretty laid back about doing things, they dont really care if they waste your break time:(. I would give it a 5/10. Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK ON THE MCAT!!!
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