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Flortaucipir F18 (Tauvid)


Topped with salmon, avocado and tobiko
10+ Year Member
Feb 24, 2010
Not Big Box Shop
  1. Attending Physician

Suspect it will take several years to even have a chance at mainstream. Insurance companies aren't going to want to pay for a PET scan. Clinical diagnosis will still probably reign as standard of care. And having a hard time seeing in routine cases where this will be value added.
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Board Certified Neuropsychologist
10+ Year Member
Feb 15, 2009
  1. Psychologist
I suspect it will be pretty similar to the amyloid beta tracking stuff, and just as problematic. People can have the same degree of buildup in their brain and have vastly different observable cognitive impairment and functional status. These tests tell us how much of this stuff is there, but they tell us very little about how someone is actually doing. It's the danger of applying group statistics to the individual.
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