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Apr 12, 2012
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So I have a couple of questions.

First, I have seen rural FM positions posted with salary guarentees from 200k-350k for an employed position. So how does this work? I have heard that you get this from 1-2 years and then the salary is adjusted to reflect your productivity from the previous year. If you produce more than that you get a bonus. If you produce less, you have to pay back the difference. Does this sound about right?

Also, if you are a male wanting to do OB in a rural practice is it hard to get a large enough panel of patients to make it practical? If the other docs in the group who do OB are women are you pretty much out of luck? Are there ways to overcome this? Or is a male FM doc doing OB an exercise in futility. I ask this because the men at the FM residency I am rotating at are having a hard time meeting their OB continuity patients because the pregnant patients are picking the female residents for their OB care.


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Mar 11, 2011
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At the hospital where I work as a medic, 7/11 FP doctors do OB, two of them are women and the other 5 are men. The men don't do nearly as many babies as the women FPs do, but most of them have a few OB patients a month. They also take regular OB call. The hospital does approximately 250-300 births a year. It is a huge advantage getting taken on somewhere if you do OB in my area, it seems like there aren't enough. Maybe you could look into doing a rural procedure fellowship so you can do C-sections, that would put you in huge demand in a rural area, as many do not have regular general surgery coverage to do C-sections.
I cannot speak as to the salary though.
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