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For all who matched durig scramble..Plzzz help.


7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 2, 2004

Can somebody plz post the updated list on NRMP about available anesthesia/Int med(prel & categ),paeds,psych in NY/NJ/Pennsylvania.Thanks

(I matched into a transitional surgery but not into an advanced program...so ain't able to access the updated list on NRMP)

I am very apprehensive about the surgery TY now.I hadnt applied to IM/PEDS/FP etc but now feel likeI should have..I had scores 90/83/EAD....earlier was afraid to break the MATCH but now I hear abt so many who matched into one year but then went for a categorical position in scramble too...I did scramble today but no luck.

someone plz post the updated list.Thanks
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