For Dr. Taylor Re: IUHS


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Oct 8, 2000
    Dear Dr. Taylor:

    I recently read your postings below regarding IUHS and was extremely impresssed and encouraged by your comments regarding the school. I have desperately and endlessly been searching the web to find out as much info. about this school as possible. It was very refreshing to find a point of view such as yours, however, I had some specific questions that I thought I would ask you via your AOL email. Unfortunately, the message is still unread. I am not sure if you check that account or not so I thought I would try to contact you via this forum.

    Would you please email me at your convenience so that I may contact you and ask some quesitons regarding this school's Distance Learning Program? I would greatly appreciate any help or advice that you could provide.


    Christopher W. Nickum, PA-C, MT (ASCP)
    Coral Springs, FL
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