Jul 21, 2015

I'm currently stuck in limbo with the Optomcas gpa calculation and verification. I just found out my summer transcripts won't be included unless I wait until December to do an academic update. This knocks my application gpa down from 3.34 to a 3.31. I'm hoping optomcas at least calculates the same cas gpa or higher. This was disappointing as I retook Ochem 1 to bump it from a C to and A. Knowing the avg gpa for nova matriculates was 3.4 last year does this still keep me comfortably in the ballpark? I feel like the avg gpa might even go higher this year since it's getting slightly more competitive all around. But because Nova is my dream school, I was wanting to know who here has gotten interviews, rejections, or offers from NSU? My second question is if anyone who is very familiar with NSU admission can give me tips on what they stress on, look for, and how you can cater to their supplemental essays?

I got a 340 ts and aa on the OAT and pretty decent extracuriculars/lors (Founder/president of Pre-Optomtry Club, 100+ Optometric Tech exp, 130+ hours volunteering) . My knock-backs on my application is that I've had quite a few Fs Ws and Ds. All of which I retook for higher grades. I also have a year of student conduct probation. I don't want to make another "will I make it thread" but I do want some opinions on my chances. I also want to know the stats of those who have gotten interviews and how their interview went. After the final four week processing time Optomcas told me, my application will probably be in their hands by mid october. Does that still make me an early applicant?

Would calling NSU admissions to introduce myself, explain my higher grades due to summer transcript make a difference as well?

Please give me thorough responses to we can discuss this for other people who are in the same boat.
The GPA difference you mentioned is arguably meaningless. You shouldn't call admissions ahead of time to explain anything, they won't really care. Use the interview instead to explain any extra information that you think might present you as a better applicant. After the interviewer is done asking you questions, you will have an opportunity to further explain anything about you or your application that was not already mentioned in the interview. Great time to bring up your upward trend in grades as an example of maturity. From what I've heard October isn't too bad in terms of a timeline, but definitely not an early applicant. Then again, I think you are already too late to be an early applicant anyway.

Honestly, my biggest concern would be your year of conduct probation. What was that about? Institutional probation and action are typically red flags, make sure you have a good explanation for it.
Apr 11, 2015
If it makes you feel a little at ease, I have a 3.22 GPA (science GPA of ~2.65) and an OAT score of TS 290 AA 310 and I received an interview about a week or so ago (applied end of august). Granted my interview is not for another month so I can't say with certainty that I will get excepted, but I was at least given the opportunity to apply. I have a lot of volunteer service, shadowing (over 400 hours), held multiple positions in my sorority along with VPF of my optometry club, and a minor in entrepreneurial management. My personality and story is what has been carrying me through my interviews so that could be what got me the interview, but that can only take me so far.

If you can show the admissions committee who you are, I am sure you'll get an interview.

Wish you the best!


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May 14, 2015
Just to let you know, even though OptomCas says 4-6 weeks, it may not always take that long. My verification process took about 10 days (though I did send in my transcripts early).
I think if you have a good explanation for your conduct probation and for your F's you should be fine. Especially if you retook the classes and got an A AND did good on the corresponding OAT section.