for people who have positions in pre-dentistry club please reply ASAP


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May 31, 2014
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i know how to find other people who want leadership and take position in the club and i was part of the ASI (student union ) in my school last year and this year, so it's to create a club

but how it works meetings, dental schools visits stuff like that. Can someone have experience reply and help me
Apr 25, 2014
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I looked at the pre-med clubs at my school and decided I didn't like how they were similar to info-sessions every week. So I made sure we had a mix of visitors and a mix of information meetings. Visitors were usually dentists (oral surgeon, orthodontist, and two general dentists last year). We had a meet and greet dinner with neighboring dental students, who were so helpful and made the dinner our best event of the year. Our school hosts a premed and predent fair with admissions officers, so we didn't contact any schools to come visit.

Then for the information meetings, sometimes the premed office would host a personal statement or interview tips meeting that we were request our members to go to. More often than not, the e-board came up with ideas and power points themselves. The topics included: most recommended DAT study materials, lists of recommended and required classes and what they correspond to in our school, mock interviews specific for dental schools, etc.


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Oct 23, 2009
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Where are you located! Try some hands on stuff. Ours had $40 dues that included a polo, but those funds helped do other activities too. I see paid members recently did an impressions workshop and some carving. Work with local dental schools (if any). Have ASDA people from those schools present and/or do a Q&A. Skype them if they're up for it. Identify volunteer opportunities you can do as a group...teaming up with schools (if any). I also saw my old club just toured a dental lab and a public clinic that is allowing them to sign up for volunteering there. Predents are concerned with their application. Besides just an entry for being in a club, look for opportunities to add volunteering and hands-on stuff. We had volunteer coordinators that arranged groups to go to soup kitchens every weekend and stuff like that. Coordinate carpooling to visit schools for tours or sim clinics.
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