For people with multiple A's - reason you withdrew

For people who are choosing school A over another B, what is the #1 reason you chose to withdraw ?

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Feb 25, 2018
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For people who are choosing school A over B, what is the #1 reason you chose to withdraw? Please complete the poll, and then feel free to elaborate as a reply. I realize in most cases that people have a collection of aspects, not just one. But for ease of this poll, lets stick to the #1 factor. If you feel compelled, you can rank additional factors in a reply.


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Jul 31, 2019
Well doesn't it all depend on which school is school A and which school is school B? Srsly.


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May 19, 2017
The way I see it, you want to attend the med school where you'll perform most optimally, which usually means higher quality of life / happiness.

For most people, this will come down to cost, location, culture, and curriculum. The order of importance varies based on individual needs. All else being equal (is it ever truly equal though?), reputation/ranking.
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Jun 18, 2018
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I used quality of clinical sites/experiences as a way to whittle down my options. I declined As and IIs from programs without dedicated teaching hospitals and/or high-quality, local clinical sites. While I’d be interested in doing a few away rotations, I’m really not interested in driving all over creation for two years or moving around more than I have to. It’s just where I’m at in this stage of my life. I guess this kind of correlates with “reputation/ranking” - “higher tier” programs just had better options in this respect, but I didn’t really care about the actual numerical ranking.
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Apr 2, 2016
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Wish i could choose multiple things
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