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for practice in uk,london


New Member
10+ Year Member
Dec 4, 2008
hello friends,

recently i am studyng MBBS in china in 4th year ,i.e, it's the final year of my course and about our college its WHO recognized one.after completing my medical course from china i would like to go to uk and do internship there .well even though i am not british but i got uk residence visa (ILR visa) because my father was a british army before.
so what do you think about my planning to do internship in uk?
then after completing my internship in uk i want to continue my further studies.. well planning to do masters degree MD..also before doing masters in certain field about how many years job experience should one have ?? what sort of steps do i have to undergo before begining the master's degree MD??

well looking forward to hear from u guys..i would really appreciate your help.. pls help me!:)
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