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Aug 16, 2012
MCAT prep materials I'm selling:
  1. NextStep MCAT Psychology and Sociology - $30. Book condition is like new, no writing/highlighting
  2. The 2015 MCAT ExamKracker complete set (9th Ed.) - $150. I got it for $200. The set is like brand new. Only slight highlighting of keywords in the Psychology book. This was a very useful material for me to tackle the new MCAT, so I hope others will take advantage of it. There is slight damage on the outer book holder, but no damage on any of the books.
  3. The ExamKracker series 1001 Questions in MCAT series (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Organic Chemistry) - $30. I can sell them separately or all together.

Will include FREE Kaplan MCAT flashcards and FREE the 2015 AAMC Official Guide to Medical School Admissions in any of the purchases. First come first serve.

Photos of the MCAT books
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