For Sale For Sale Bien Air Optima Campus Handpiece unit for at-home use

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7+ Year Member
Jun 18, 2010
You know the handpiece you use at your station in the preclinical lab in dental school that is connected to the unit, well this a basically an air powered hand piece that you can plug into any standard american electric outlet and begin drilling anywhere you would like. It was given to my classmates and I in our first year of dental school so that we would practice drilling typodont teeth at home, instead of having to always be in the lab. This is a good option for those who prefer drilling in the comforts of home, especially on the weekends, than having to go to school. Now that I am seeing real patients in clinic and I'm there 5 days a week 12 hours a day, I no longer need it. Cost ~$1,000 new. This unit is 3 years old(2014). It uses any standard burr, and goes up to 0 to 100,000 rpm.

I will include a bien air handpice as well. Asking $200
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