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Feb 9, 2008
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Just finished my OAT on 12/1/08 - here are my scores:

QR: 370
Reading Comprehension: 340
Biology: 400
General Chemistry: 370
Organic Chemistry: 380
Physics: 360
Total Science: 390
Academic Average: 380

The materials I'm selling helped me to score in the top 2% (98th percentile) - I only used these materials and I found them all to be very helpful.

Here's what I'm selling:

1. The big, 1200 page Kaplan OAT Review Notes
- only sold through enrollment in the Kaplan class

2. Two (2), identical Kaplan OAT Lesson Books
- one has notes and answers, one is brand new for you to complete
- only sold through enrollment in the Kaplan class

3. All the Kaplan OAT Notecards (Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics)
- only sold through enrollment in the Kaplan class

4. The Kaplan OAT Admission Test 2007-2008 Edition (contains tons of practice questions and 2 full-length practice exams)

5. Four QuickStudy, laminated Academic Outlines (Biology: The Basic Principles, Organic Chemistry: Fundamentals, Organic Chemistry: Reactions, and Physics)

6. The official, full-length practice OAT from opted.org

7. OAT Destroyer: Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Quantatative Reasoning

8. OAT Destroyer: Physics

All of the materials are in a perfect, unused condition - I never wrote in any of them - I always used scratch paper. Only the Kaplan Review Notes book has notes throughout.

When purchased new, the OAT Destroyer books were $160, the Kaplan OAT Admission Test book was $32, the QuickStudy Notes were $5 each - $20, and the Kaplan materials were well over $300 (plus the cost of the class!!).

In total, everything cost at least $550.

I'm selling everything for $400 and that price includes shipping via Priority Mail (2-3 days).

Please send me a message if you are interested or would like pictures of the materials.

I don't mind giving advice to the buyer, either...
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