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FOR SALE: Medical School books, application books, mcat materials


Senior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Apr 24, 2002
hi all,

i just got into medical school and i am ready to kiss my books goodbye. here is a list of what i am selling. i will take the best offer, so if you're interested, please PM me:

-AAMC Medical School Admission Requirements 2003-2004
-Peterson's The Insider's Guide To Medical Schools (most recent edition)
-Medical School Admissions: The Insider's Guide (includes 50 successful application essays)
-The Princeton Review Complete Book of Medical Schools 2003 Edition

-EK 1001 Question books for all subjects (written in in pencil)
-EK 101 Passages in Verbal Reasoning (lightly written in in pencil...will erase before selling)
-EK books 3rd edition all subjects (but written in and highlighted)
-All AAMC practice tests and solution manuals (written in with pencil)
-A couple of PR and Kaplan full length diagnostic exams

-Conover: Understanding Electrocardiography 8th edition (brand new)
-Moore: Clinically Oriented Anatomy 4th edition (97% brand new)
-Grant's Dissector 12th edition
-Goodman: Medical Cell Biology 2nd edition (brand new)
-Janeway: Immunobiology 5th edition
-Rosen: Case Studies in Immunobiology 3rd edition (brand new)

PM me if interested!!! again, will sell at best offer!
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