For the DAT takers: How did you prevent making "silly" mistakes?

May 24, 2015
So I have a little less than two weeks left until my test day :barf:
I've been doing practice tests (did all 5 DG and 5 BC). During every practice test, however, I seem to be making a few silly mistakes on the science sections. A few examples are like forgetting to convert units, not reading the question correctly, etc. This concerns me because I've seen a lot of breakdowns where people say that they didn't mark any question (or very few) during the test but must have had silly mistakes. I didn't seem to get those unnecessary mistakes during the first few practice tests that I took. Maybe it's exhaustion?
I get like about 1-2 per section, which might add up to 4-6 on the TS and that definitely has a significant impact on the score.
My question is when you go through the exam during the Science section, how do you make sure you prevent these types of mistakes? Should I go more slowly? (I get about 20 minutes left after OC to go back to the ones I marked) Or should I go faster and make sure I have time after checking the marked to go back and go over every question?
I know that this is a part of the purpose of timed tests like these, but I want to minimize it as much as I could.

Thank you
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Mar 14, 2016
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Personally, I flew through the sciences so I could review and check over all my answers and think more about ones I wasn't sure on. For QR I took my time as I knew I would probably only have a small amount of time left when I was finished. It wouldn't be worth it to run through it fast 1.25 times vs once very meticulously. Same with PAT.

RC I had an abundance of time, but went slowly as I knew I would have to refamiliarize myself with the passage if I had to come back.

The cross-out tool was awesome! I used it extensively.


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Feb 14, 2014
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I went through the science section really fast and had enough time left to quickly go over every questions again. This is a great way to catch any silly mistakes you made. Make sure you mark any questions that you are not certain about. Staying calm also plays a huge role. The more you freak out, more likely to make mistakes.
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