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Apr 12, 2006
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hi there.. i have been struggling with timing on PS sections which i have atributted mainly to test anxiety from worrying about the time excessively. Well since i am taking kaplan i have been following their mapping strategy for PS and also timing tips which ahs been sort of helpful

Question is how long do you take to map the PS section. I find i take an average of 2-3mins and sometimes longer on those long dense passages. Obviously this is not good but how long do your mapping take so i can have an idea on how much i should be spending..
Apr 10, 2007
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only map the long passages, dont bother mapping short ones...just go to the q's and find the info you need.


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Jul 28, 2009
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Try and shorten up your maps. Stick to key words and only the most important details. When reading a really complex, dense passage, don't wade into the minutia. Get the gist of the paragraph, map it, and move on. The details in the passage will always be there if you need it.
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